UglyFruit is a for-profit company dedicated to ending food waste.

We believe fruits and vegetables
– no matter how misshapen, discolored, blemished or bruised – 
are valuable sources of nutrients and should be eaten by people. 

We aim to end food waste by converting cosmetically imperfect, perishable produce,
into simple, delicious, shelf-stable snack foods. 



We start by seeking out fruits and veggies who are at risk of falling out of the human food supply. While landfill is the worst possible outcome, we adhere to the EPA's Food Recovery Hierarchy.

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Nutrients Preservation

We inspect, wash and blend our ugly produce with spices and lemon juice – a natural preservative – and then gently dry the mixture at low temperatures to avoid destroying valuable nutrients.

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Fight Hunger

Food waste is a shame. But when you consider the 1-in-6 Americans who don't know where their next meal is coming from, it's a downright travesty. UglyFruit dedicates 1% of its profits to help feed the hungry.