Two of every five pieces of fruit grown in the U.S. ends up in a landfill, often because it is deemed "too ugly" for consumers to eat. While the fight against food waste has picked up some momentum in recent years, 81% of grocery shoppers still say physical looks are important to them when shopping for fresh produce, which means perfectly edible food is still being thrown in the garbage en masse.

That's why we created UglyFruit – to transform all these ugly and unsold fruits and veggies into beautifully delicious, all-natural snack food.

UglyFruit is dedicated to ending the long-standing, systemic waste of post-harvest fruits and vegetables, by converting this edible produce destined for landfills, into all-natural foods.  



awareness of post-harvest food losses in the United States and abroad, advocating for changes to the injustices inherent in our current food system. 




the environmental impact arising from billions of pounds of produce that ends up in landfills each year, where organic matter now accounts for 16% of U.S. methane emissions – a potent greenhouse gas.



the 1 in 6 children in the US who are food insecure. UglyFruit's tasty, all-natural snacks are packed with fruit and vegetable nutrients.